• One week to go!

    Next Tuesday starts the 18th ISF Orienteering 2019 with model event and in the evening there will be opening ceremony at Tehvandi Stadion.
  • Last meetings for Preparation

    Today organizing team gathered in sunny Tartu to go through the final program and discuss last details.
  • Organizers hope to offer high-level competition and introduce Estonia

    In less than a month more than 800 young school orienteerers from 23 different countries will compete in here Estonia in three different styles: long distance, middle distance and friendship team advent.
  • Embargoed area

    Embargoed areas for next months youth world championships.
  • Long history and good memories

    The last edition of the World Schools Orienteering Championship took place in Palermo, Italy, in 2017; with 638 athletes from 26 delegations participating in the event. This year we all meet in Estonia!
  • All about the races

    In Otepää all the young athletes will compete in three different orienteering races. 
  • Let's meet up in Otepää!

    Tehvandi Sports Center is located on the boundary of Otepää, the Winter Capital of Estonia. 
  • Cultural Day in Tartu

    Cultural programme will be held in Tartu. Participants can visit Science Centre AHHAA in the university city of Tartu. After that the the Nations Night is a festival hosted at Estonian University of Life Sciences Sports Hall.
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