What are the expectations from French, Brazilians and Slovaks?


Bernardo Dutra, Arthur ferreira, Victor Hugo Lopes, Ryan Barbosa, Júlia Rosal, Larissa Freitas, Luiz Guilherme Maciel Melo, Laura Vieira Maia

We looked out, what are the school youngs expectations and what they knew about Estonia before.

One part of Brazil team:


“We’re tired and cold, but still happy and excited. Estonia is beautiful, but the weather is colder than we expected.”


Team France, spoke Cécile Calandry:


„ I have never been in Estonia before, but I like it here. Before the event, I only knew what is the capital of Estonia. I hope to learn more. Talking about races – I’m ready and I came here to win. I have been orienteering since the age of three and my whole family is doing it.”



Part of Slovak team:


“ Estonia is beautiful country. The weather is suitable for the competition. We don’t know anything about Estonia, but we hope, that soon we know a little bit more. At the moment we are happy, tired and hungry. The most important thing – we came here to win the competition.”