• Thank you all!

    I't was an amazing week with inrcedible emotions!  We would like to thank our generous sponsors and supporters to volunteers and fans! it wouldn't have been possible Without you! We hope, that all new friends and memories will stay with you for a long time! Do sports, do orienteering, gather lot's of memories and alr...
  • Friendship Team Event winners

    1. TIME 00:25:16   Julien Vuitton FRA  Zala Zavrl SLO Zala Tamarit Adrian ESP   2. TIME 00:26:16   Quentin Andrieux FRA  Matilda Latvala FIN Thomas Brendolise NZL   3. TIME  00:26:27   Atte Ikola FIN Aidan Skinner NZL ...
  • Middle Distance winners

    Class: M1 School   1. Axel Elmblad  SWE 00:19:15 2. David Borg  SWE 00:20:12 3. Olof Ljunggren  SWE 00:20:53 4. Maxim Omelchenko  SWE 00:21:09 5. Julien Vuitton  FRA 00:21:14 6. Mael Heritier  FRA 00:21:25   Class: M1 Selected   1. Davis Solm...
  • Nations Evening brought together lot's of joy!

    Nations evening at EMÜ brought together cultures from 23 different countries. All delegations offered their local sweets and salty snacks such as nuts, different cheeses and sausages. In the second half of the evening it was time for performances.  Lots of songs, dances, music and a common joy of diverse culture. Many thanks to ...
  • Long Distance winners

    Class: M1 School   1. Axel Elmblad SWE 00:39:23 2. Vuitton Julien FRA 00:41:22 3. Andrieux Quentin FRA 00:41:32   4. Mael Heritier FRA 00:42:54 5.David Borg SWE 00:45:08 6. 6. Damiano Bettega ITA 00:46:23   Class: M1 Selected   1 Adam Jonáš  ...
  • Opening of the 18th World Schools Orienteering Championship in Otepää

    Today took place opening ceremony for 18th ISF World Schools Orienteering Championship in Otepää. During this week medals in long-, short distance and in team relay will find their owners.
  • What are the expectations from French, Brazilians and Slovaks?

    We looked out, what are the school youngs expectations and what they knew about Estonia before.
  • Delegations arriving to Otepää

    Today all the delegations of the ISF WSC Orienteering 2019 arrived to Otepää. Although the first emotions are a bit tired of the trip, all boys and girls have great expectations for the whole week.   
  • Welcome bulletin for next week

    Check out the last Team Manual from HERE!
  • Breakfast with President Kersti Kaljulaid

    The New Zealand delegation, together with the organizers from ISF and Estonia, has already set up in Otepää. This morning we were very happy to meet our president Kersti Kaljudaid. She was in Otepää for a couple of days in cycling camp.
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